How is Ortigueira

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The region of Ortegal, placed in the province of A Coruna, is the most north of the Iberian peninsula. It is characterized by the beauty and contrast of its sceneries. This way, we find in the area fertile vales and high saws that fall down again to the sea to form abrupt cliffs or to melt gently in the beaches of the outline.

Conference from the Casón castle The Ortigueira town hall articulates the region. A meeting point that brings together mountain, vale, river, sea and especially laugh, the widest of all the north of Gallicia.

The topography of the Town hall is very eventful. The saws of A Capelada and A Faladoira - Coriscada they do not present levels of big altitude. Its highest tops are located along with the sea, contrasting with the environment of the Ría, which offers heights lower than 100 meters.

This way, we can find in the marine perimeter beaches of steep very soft or steep earrings, where the wind and the sea sculpt peculiar forms in the rocks.

Ortigueira presents a complex system hidrológico formed by several rivers and multitude of creeks. They think up for the municipality the Shooting, Mere, Casón, Maior, Lourido and the Muds, between others, to end in the waters of the Ría.

The Ortigueira climate is Oceanic humid. They predominate over the soft temperatures, with an annual average of 13,1°C, without reaching significant ends.

The winters are rainy and humid, with a few annual average precipitations of 1.000 - 1.500 mm. These are distributed in approximately 150 rainy days a year.



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